About me

Hello! My name is Hilde and I’m an 18 year old girl from Norway. Yup, you heard me – that small, cold country up north in Europe.

Travelling is a big part of me, and it’s something I would love to do constantly. I also love photography, and I always bring my camera around. This results in lots and lots of travel photos. I also find portrait/people photography very interesting, and would love to do more of it. I’m sharing my photography and my experiences through this blog, and I hope you want to follow me on the road.


I’m currently starting my third and last year of high school, where I’m into science. I have to admit that I spend a lot of time thinking, planning and working with school. I’m a dreamer with big goals, and I want my dreams to come trough. I’m not sure about what I’ll do later, but right now I’m thinking about engineering. Don’t take it to seriously, though, I might have changed my mind within the next month.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave a little comment every now and then so that I know you’re there!

Love from Hilde

PS: Norway isn’t that small and cold. Just a little.


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