A good day to climb a mountain

Hello there! And merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you. I guess it’s a little late, but not too late I hope. How has the first couple of weeks of 2016 been? Mine has been pretty good!


This weekend I finally had the car all to myself, as my father was traveling.  I made sure to use it as much as possible when I was able to do it. On sunday I asked a friend of mine if he wanted to join in to take some photos or something, and we ended up walking to the top of a mountain. Of course we chose the best day. The wind was so strong we had to sit down not to be blown away, and the first snow of the year was constantly falling from the sky.


I didn’t manage to take as many photos as I had wanted to, at least none that were any good. But it was a nice day, that I would love to repeat. Go hiking more often is actually one of my goals for 2016, so I guess I have started of the year pretty well.


The view was stunning too, which is not rare here in Norway. What do you think?

Love, Hilde


2 thoughts on “A good day to climb a mountain

  1. I love the view! And I love your blog, too! Everything’s so beautiful. The photos, your texts, and your style.😍
    I’m exited for your new blog post!👐


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