Busy saturday

Today has, by far, been the most productive day in ages. I went on a morning run of over 5km as soon as i woke up this mooring. Running before the city starts to wake up is really the best feeling. At midday, I (finally) got a haircut. I’ve had really long hair for the last five or six years, and it feels so short right know. It’s reaching me past the shoulders, though, but it still feels different. And good.


Afterwards I had lunch with my dad, before going to a political debate. It’s just a week until the election here in Norway, so why not update myself on some politics. I also got myself the new 24mm pancake lens from Canon, which I’m really looking forward to use. I think it will be great to bring on travels, and also for people watching through the lens. It’s so small that no one will notice it’s there. And the pictures taken with it are crystal clear. What a perfect combination.


Afterwards I met up with a friend and we saw the new, Norwegian movie called The wave (Bølgen). I’m impressed by both the history and the quality of the film. Norwegian films, when good, are really the best! The fact that it can – and eventually will – happen makes it even better.


I’m posting Instagram photos today – snapshots from the last week. What do you think about that?


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