the unique place


I took the train to Nantes, a french city, when I was in France a couple of weeks ago. On my way from the train station I stumbled up on this place called Le Lieu Unique – The Unique PlaceAs it was quite early in the morning, they where just about to open their doors, but I decided to have a look. It turned out to be this really laid-back hang-out place with a restaurant/café/bar, a library, and furthermore a place for exhibitions and concerts. I would absolutely love to have a place like that where I live!



The styling is industrial, which is a style that I really like. I also think that it represents well the kind of people that the place is reaching out to.


I see myself going for a cup of coffee – or hot chocolate -, working on projects, meting new people and discovering new artists. Also, I’m pretty sure spending an evening with good friends at this place wouldn’t be too bad either.


Do you find this place as cool as I do? Or do you have your own place like this? If yes, I would love to hear about it! I’m also wondering, what do you think about my posts? Do you read what I’m writing or do you mostly watch the photos?




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