almost summer

sol, bak

Summer is (almost) here, and we actually had our first real BBQ of the year today. The sun is not always playing on our team here in Norway, but the weathers been great today. That was not the case yesterday when my class was supposed to throw a little end-of-the-year-party. It was cloudy, grey and really wet. No summer feelings at all, haha.

As I said, summer is slowly approaching, but I still have my final exam to do. I am, as always, aiming for a good grade, and I’ve found my self reading hundreds of pages the last couple of weeks. The system for exams here in Norway is a little different compared to other countries – at least I think so. We only pass one exam, but you get to know which subject only two days before the exam. Basically, this means you have to prepare for several exams, but you pass only one of them.

Is it summer yet were you live? Or is it winter right now? And what kind of system do you have for exams?




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