Mondayspiration: Eunice’s Bucket List

We can all agree that mondays often are a little grey and dull and tough. With the weekends festivities freshly in our minds, a new week of school or work isn’t that tempting. I’ve decided to make the day a little bit brighter for you, with a mondayspiration-post – is that even a word? – for you to enjoy on the bus, while working or while doing your homework (I’m truly sorry about the times I publish, I have no ideas where you readers are from, and therefore I don’t know what time you are reading blogs). I think we all should allow ourselves to take ten minutes in the middle of the day just to enjoy some good reading. My plan is to tell you about good blogs I’ve discovered during the last week, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!


First out is a beautiful blog (HERE) I discovered just a few hours ago, and I couldn’t let it pass me. Eunice is a twenty-something (her own words) girl from Arizona, U.S. She is attending college, and she loves photography and traveling – a perfect combination if you ask me. Eunice’s blog is all about her bucket list – everything she wants to do. I’m quite jealous of her voyages and I would love to do it all myself.


She’s currently in Italy, and it was her simple, yet stunning photos from Milan that first caught my eyes. Afterwards I couldn’t stop scrolling trough her previous post, and I’m sure you’ll be as addicted as I am.


What do you think about Eunice’s blog? Doesn’t she make you feel like traveling right away?

I don’t own any of these photos. All rights reserved Eunice’s Bucket list.


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