Rue Crémieux

IMG_6438 While in Paris a few weeks ago, I was actually cruising around on some kids scooters, I suddenly stumbled across this lovely, little street. Every house was painted in beautiful colors, like this Sweden-inspired house. IMG_6440-2 With old, french women peeking out on me, from every single window in the street, I didn’t dare to take to many photos. If you’ve been to Paris, you might have discovered that Parisian citizens often can be a little bit – what to say – angry towards tourists. I have to admit, though, that I really don’t blame them. IMG_6441 Anyway – if you’re in Paris – you should consider visiting La Rue Crémieux. There’s no tourist shops, no souvenirs – no people at all actually – which allows you to contemplate it without being interrupted. Love, Hilde


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