French, please

la grande roue

I love traveling. I love visiting cities, get to know the people, go to the places where the locals go. I love getting to know the culture, the language and the daily life. So, when I was sixteen – almost two years ago – I decided to go to France, taking my first year of high school there. I lived with french families, went to a French school and got to know the French people. When I returned to Norway, I was filled with a whole lot of new experiences, a new language, as well as a big love for France.


A couple of weeks ago, I returned to France to visit a family that I happened to get to know during their vacation in Norway. I’ll show you some photos tomorrow from the little street Rue Cremieux that I suddenly came a cross.

Fransk bygning copy

And by the way, don’t get surprised if I use – with or without purpose – some French words now and then. They seem to sneak upon me, without me noticing it. And, if you find my English a bit underdeveloped, it’s because of my year in France. I assure you, while constantly being surrounded by a third language (my first language is Norwegian), your second language is not the priority, and it slowly gets lost. I guess it’ll come back if keep writing!




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