Hello! blastrand I’ve loved taking photos for the last seven or eight years. But lately, this amour for photography has started to slowly fade away. I find this really sad, as photography used to be my haven, my hideaway in a stressful daily life. Now, I find photography more stressful than pleasing,ย and it’s no longer such a big part of my life. I also used to write a blog, where I wrote thoughts and posted my photos. But suddenly people I knew started to discover it, and I became insecure, which made it even harder for me to take good photographs. It might sound weird, but it’s true. As soon as the pressure hit me, I was no longer able to do what I used to love. I want to change that. I want to rediscover that feeling I used to have when I knew I had caught a treasure on my film. I want to take photos again, and here is where I’m going to post them. At least for now. By the way, my name is Hilde.ย I’m 18 years old and living in Norway. I guess you’ll get to know me better if I manage to keep it up with the blogging. Love, Hilde fluctus – the latin word for wave


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